Oracle Database on AWS
Oracle Database Quick Start

Appendix B: Adding Disks to ASM Disk Groups

After deployment, you might need more space for data files or archived log files. To gain more space, you can add EBS volumes to your DATA and RECO disk groups.

  1. Create a new EBS volume in the Availability Zones in which you deployed your primary and standby instances.

        Creating a new EBS volume

    Figure 14: Creating a new EBS volume

  2. Attach the new volumes to your instances. Take note of the last letter of the device name (for example, for /dev/sdl, the last letter is l, and will appear in the OS as /dev/xvdl).

          Attaching the EBS volume

    Figure 15: Attaching the volume

  3. Log in to your instances and create a primary partition for the device:

    sudo fdisk /dev/xvdl n (new partition) p (primary ) <enter> (default 1 ) <enter> (default xxx) w (write partition)
  4. Make the partition available to ASM with a name; for example, DATA7. As an Oracle user, add the disk to the corresponding disk group:

    sudo /etc/init.d/oracleasm createdisk DATA7 /dev/xvdl1
    sudo su – oracle . oraenv +ASM sqlplus / as sysasm alter diskgroup data add disk 'ORCL:DATA7';