Oracle Database on AWS
Oracle Database Quick Start

Step 4. Access Your Oracle Database Instance

  1. Access the bastion host (created by the Quick Start template for a new VPC) or launch an EC2 instance in the public subnet, and optionally associate it with the Access Database security group (if you want access to the Oracle listener or Enterprise Manager ports). You can use SSH Agent Forwarding if the same public keys are in use.

  2. From this machine, you can access the instances with SSH (port 22) or the database in the port you defined. You can use the user name “oracle” or “ec2-user” with the PEM key you defined (SSH Agent Forwarding for the private key and orcl.dataguard-env/ as the example host/address for the Oracle database hosts in the example).

    ssh –A oracle@orcl.dataguard-env
    ssh –A oracle@

If you have an X terminal such as MobaXterm, you can start Java utilities like DBCA and NETCA to manage your EC2 Oracle instance. Database instances are already configured with X11 Linux graphic packages.

                Accessing Oracle Database

Figure 9: Accessing Oracle Database

You can also access port 5500 via a browser by using system or sys users with the password you set, with https://ip:5500/em/login (for example,

                Oracle Enterprise Manager

Figure 10: Oracle Enterprise Manager