Troubleshooting - Oracle Database on AWS


When you deploy the Quick Start, if you encounter a CREATE_FAILED error instead of the CREATE_COMPLETE status code, we recommend that you relaunch the template with Rollback on failure set to No. (This setting is under Advanced in the AWS CloudFormation console, Options page.) With this setting, the stack’s state will be retained and the instance will be left running, so you can troubleshoot the issue. (You'll want to look at the log files in /var/log/cloud-init.log, /tmp/bootstrap.log, and /tmp/oracleexec.log.)


When you set Rollback on failure to No, you'll continue to incur AWS charges for this stack. Please make sure to delete the stack when you've finished troubleshooting.

For additional information, see Troubleshooting AWS CloudFormation on the AWS website.