Requirements for Multi-AZ, Single-Node HA Scenarios - SAP HANA on AWS

Requirements for Multi-AZ, Single-Node HA Scenarios

If you choose the Multi-AZ, single-node, HA deployment option, you must follow a few additional requirements. Otherwise, the Quick Start will display an error during parameter validation.

  • Subnets where primary and secondary SAP HANA instances will be deployed must share a common route table. Deploying the Quick Start into a new VPC will ensure this automatically. However, if you’re deploying the Quick Start into an existing VPC, you must ensure that your existing subnets have a common route table.

  • SLES HAE and RHEL High Availability agents require that the Pacemaker tag and the overlay IP address you provide by setting deployment parameters can be uniquely identified. Therefore, you need to ensure the following:

    • The value you provide for the PaceMakerTag parameter isn’t being used by any other EC2 instances in your account, in the AWS Region where you are deploying the Quick Start.

    • The IP address you provide for the VirtualIPAddress parameter is outside the VPC CIDR and isn’t being used in the route table associated with the subnets where primary and secondary HANA instances will be deployed.

  • After deployment, we strongly recommend that you validate the setup of your environment before you use the HA cluster for production. For testing scenarios, see section 6 of the SUSE whitepaper, SAP HANA SR Performance Optimized Scenario.