SAP HANA Quick Start

Single-AZ, Multi-Node Architecture

The following EC2 instances are certified by SAP to deploy scale-out SAP HANA clusters for OLAP workloads.

Instance type Number of scale-out nodes
x1.16xlarge 7 nodes (general availability)
x1.32xlarge 17 nodes (general availability)
r3.8xlarge 5 nodes (general availability), 17 nodes (controlled availability)

The Single-AZ, multi-node deployment option provisions up to five EC2 instances* with your choice of Amazon EBS storage and operating system to host the SAP HANA platform on a cluster of servers. All the SAP HANA servers in the cluster are deployed into the same subnet regardless of function, in accordance with security best practices.


If you would like to deploy SAP HANA scale-out clusters that are larger than 5 nodes, contact us at We will provide you with an AWS CloudFormation template that is designed to help deploy SAP HANA clusters that are larger than 5 nodes.

As in single-node deployment, access to all SAP HANA servers is provided either through the bastion host or by using the optional Windows Server instance with an SSH client of your choice. The security group or firewall rules are extended to allow for internode communication over the appropriate ports and protocols. For more information, see Appendix C: Security Groups.

        Single-AZ, multi-node architecture for SAP HANA on AWS

Figure 2: Single-AZ, multi-node architecture for SAP HANA on AWS