SAP HANA optional features - SAP HANA on AWS

SAP HANA optional features

You can choose optional SAP HANA features during the deployment.

SAP HANA Fast Restart

To enable SAP HANA Fast Restart, choose Yes from the SAP HANA Fast Restart drop-down menu.

        Enable Fast Restart

By enabling the SAP HANA Fast Restart option, the Quick Start installs a Linux systemd service named sap-hana-tmpfs that handles Linux’s tmpfs configuration and makes it aware of EC2 instance type and size changes to adjust tmpfs mount points and sizes according to SAP HANA’s Fast Restart Option. The sap-hana-tmpfs service is enabled by default and starts with each Linux boot.

During the deployment, the SAP HANA Quick Start checks if the chosen SAP HANA version supports Fast Restart. It then adds basepath_persistent_memory_volumes configuration parameters and tmpfs paths to SAP HANA’s global.ini configuration file.

# systemctl status sap-hana-tmpfs ● sap-hana-tmpfs.service - SAP HANA TMPFS Loaded: loaded (/etc/systemd/system/sap-hana-tmpfs.service; enabled; vendor preset: disabled) Active: active (exited) since Mon 2021-03-29 09:44:39 UTC; 2h 32min ago Mar 29 09:44:39 imdbmaster systemd[1]: Starting SAP HANA TMPFS... Mar 29 09:44:39 imdbmaster systemd[1]: Started SAP HANA TMPFS.

If you change or resize your Amazon EC2 instance, SAP HANA’s global.ini file must be manually updated because the sap-hana-tmpfs systemd service mounts and unmounts only Linux’s tmpfs file systems. The service does not modify SAP HANA configuration files.