SAP HANA Quick Start

Document Revisions

Date Change Location
August 2018 Support for x1e.2xlarge and x1e.xlarge instance types for cost-optimized, non-production deployments. Support for dedicated host deployments. Changes throughout templates and guide
June 2018 Support for Multi-AZ, high-availability configurations. Changes throughout templates and guide. Specifically, see sections for Multi-AZ configuration in Architecture and parameter tables.
April 2018 Support for SLES 12 SP3, separate volumes for SAP HANA data and logs, additional outputs, SSM agent installation for SLES to support future enhancements, and other minor enhancements and bug fixes. Changes throughout templates and guide
January 2018 Support for RHEL 7.3 and SLES for SAP BYOS, time zone configuration, and custom storage configuration. Changes throughout templates and guide
November 2017 Support for SLES 12 SP2 for SAP OS, x1e.4xlarge instance, new regions, and minor bug fixes. Support for AWS CloudTrail trails and AWS Config. Changes throughout templates and guide
September 2017 Support for new x1e.32xlarge instance type, SLES for SAP images, and minor bug fixes. Changes throughout templates and guide
July 2017 Support for routing internet traffic via proxy for RHEL-based deployments, adjusted security groups to access multi-tenant database, and other minor bug fixes. Changes throughout templates and guide
December 2016 Support for R4 instance type, HANA Platform Edition 2, and RHEL 7.2. Changes throughout templates and guide
November 2016 Support for x1.16xlarge, RHEL 6.7 support with X1, regional expansions, C-state/P-state instructions and other minor enhancements. Changes throughout templates and guide
August 2016 Support for X1 scale-out deployment. Changes throughout templates guide
June 2016 Removed sign-up instructions for X1 instances. X1 instances are now available to all users. Changes throughout guide
May 2016 Updated templates with the enhancements listed in Appendix B. Changes throughout templates and guide
December 2015 Added troubleshooting information Troubleshooting section
June 2015
  • You can now choose between the RHEL and SLES operating systems for SAP HANA deployment.

  • The Quick Start now supports multi-node configurations.

New parameter for RHEL support, new appendixes, and adjustments to storage size information
April 2015 Replaced SAP Business One notes with a link to the SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA, Quick Start deployment guide Changes throughout guide
December 2014
  • Updated approximate pricing information.

  • In the first template, changed the default type for NATInstanceType to t2.small to support the EU (Frankfurt) Region.

  • Added clarifications for deploying SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA.

Changes throughout templates and guide
July 2014 Initial publication


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