SAP HANA Quick Start

Step 3. Download the SAP HANA Software


Skip this step if you already have the unextracted SAP HANA software in an Amazon S3 bucket or if you don’t want to install SAP HANA during this deployment.

  1. Go to and log in.


    If your SAP Support Portal account doesn’t allow access to the software and you believe that you should already be entitled to the software, contact the SAP Global Support Customer Interaction Center through the web form available at

  2. Under Installation and Upgrades, choose Access Downloads, and then choose A – Z index.

  3. In the Installations and Upgrades window, select H, and then select SAP HANA Platform Edition from the list.

  4. Choose SAP HANA Platform Edit., and then choose Installation.

  5. In the Downloads window, find the revision you wish to download and download each file directly to your local drive.

    Next, you’ll create an S3 bucket for storing the SAP HANA installation files.


    Do not extract the downloaded HANA software. Just stage the files in an S3 bucket as is. The Quick Start will automatically extract the media and install the software for you.

  6. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the Amazon S3 console at

  7. Choose Create a Bucket.

  8. In the Create a Bucket dialog box, provide a name for your new bucket, choose the region where you want to create your bucket (this should be a region that is close to your location), and then choose Create. For detailed information about bucket names and region selection, see the Amazon S3 documentation.

                        Creating an S3 bucket

    Figure 7: Creating an S3 bucket

  9. In the upper right, choose Properties, Permissions, and set permissions to ensure that only you and authorized personnel from your organization have access to this bucket. You can also set up an IAM or bucket policy to provide fine-grained access. For details, see Managing Access Permissions to Your Amazon S3 Resources in the Amazon S3 documentation.

                        Setting bucket permissions

    Figure 8: Setting bucket permissions

  10. Choose the bucket that you created, and add folders to organize your SAP HANA downloads. We recommend that you create a folder for each version of SAP HANA for ease of maintenance and identification.

                        Adding subfolders for SAP HANA versions

    Figure 9: Adding subfolders for SAP HANA versions

  11. Choose Upload to place the unextracted SAP HANA software in the appropriate folder, as illustrated in Figure 9.

                        Staging the SAP HANA files

    Figure 10: Staging the SAP HANA files

    In the example shown in Figure 10, the path for this specific version of SAP HANA software will be s3://myhanamedia/SPS110/. Use this path in the Amazon S3 URL for SAP HANA software (HANAInstallMedia) parameter field in the next step.


    Place only the main SAP HANA installation files in the S3 bucket (as shown in Figure 10). Do not place multiple SAP HANA versions in the same folder.