SQL Server with WSFC on AWS
SQL Server with WSFC Quick Start

Deployment Steps

TThe procedure for deploying SQL Server on AWS consists of the following steps. For detailed instructions, follow the links for each step.

  • Step 1. Prepare an AWS account

    This involves signing up for an AWS account, choosing a region, creating a key pair, and requesting increases for account limits, if necessary.

  • Step 2. Launch the Quick Start

    In this step, you’ll launch the AWS CloudFormation template into your AWS account, specify parameter values, and create the stack. The Quick Start provides separate templates for end-to-end deployment and deployment into an existing VPC.

  • Step 3. Configure a SQL Server Always On Availability Group

    After deployment is complete, you’ll configure the WSFC nodes with a SQL Server database and create an Always On Availability Group.

  • Step 4. Test the cluster and availability group

    Before putting the availability group into production, you’ll test your deployment and the cluster’s behavior during an automatic failover or a disaster recovery event.