SQL Server with WSFC on AWS
SQL Server with WSFC Quick Start

Document Revisions

Date Change Location
December 2017

Added support for SQL Server 2017; deprecated SQL Server 2012.

Added instructions for setting up permissions for the cluster object.

Template updates and changest throughout guide

Set up permissions

August 2017 Refactored templates with submodules following Quick Start best practices, and added support for:
  • AWS Directory Service for Microsoft AD (by default)

  • SQL Server 2016 and license-included AMI provided by Amazon

  • Three tenancy options (default, dedicated, dedicated hosts)

  • Choice of two or three Availability Zones

  • Choice of two SQL nodes plus dedicated file share witness, or three SQL nodes

  • Customizable EBS volume types (gp2, io1) and adjustable IOPS (for io1)

  • New R4 instance types

Template updates and changes throughout guide
September 2015 In the sample template, changed the default type for Active Directory and RD Gateway instances from m3.xlarge to m4.xlarge for better performance and price. Template parameters
April 2015 Updated the storage configuration on the WSFC nodes. Storage on the WSFC Nodes
March 2015 Optimized the underlying Amazon VPC design to support expansion and to reduce complexity. Architecture diagram and template updates
November 2014 In the sample templates, changed the default type for NATInstanceType to t2.small to support the EU (Frankfurt) region. Template parameters
July 2014 Initial publication


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