Update the state of an Application Recovery Controller routing control using an AWS SDK - Amazon Route 53 Application Recovery Controller

Update the state of an Application Recovery Controller routing control using an AWS SDK

The following code examples show how to update the state of an Application Recovery Controller routing control.

SDK for Java 2.x

public static UpdateRoutingControlStateResponse updateRoutingControlState(List<ClusterEndpoint> clusterEndpoints, String routingControlArn, String routingControlState) { for (ClusterEndpoint clusterEndpoint : clusterEndpoints) { try { System.out.println(clusterEndpoint); Route53RecoveryClusterClient client = Route53RecoveryClusterClient.builder() .endpointOverride(URI.create(clusterEndpoint.endpoint())) .region(Region.of(clusterEndpoint.region())) .build(); return client.updateRoutingControlState( UpdateRoutingControlStateRequest.builder() .routingControlArn(routingControlArn).routingControlState(routingControlState).build()); } catch (Exception exception) { System.out.println(exception); } } return null; }
SDK for Python (Boto3)

import boto3 def create_recovery_client(cluster_endpoint): """ Creates a Boto3 Route 53 Application Recovery Controller client for the specified cluster endpoint URL and AWS Region. :param cluster_endpoint: The cluster endpoint URL and Region. :return: The Boto3 client. """ return boto3.client( 'route53-recovery-cluster', endpoint_url=cluster_endpoint['Endpoint'], region_name=cluster_endpoint['Region']) def update_routing_control_state( routing_control_arn, cluster_endpoints, routing_control_state): """ Updates the state of a routing control. Cluster endpoints are tried in sequence until the first successful response is received. :param routing_control_arn: The ARN of the routing control to update the state for. :param cluster_endpoints: The list of cluster endpoints to try. :param routing_control_state: The new routing control state. :return: The routing control update response. """ for cluster_endpoint in cluster_endpoints: try: recovery_client = create_recovery_client(cluster_endpoint) response = recovery_client.update_routing_control_state( RoutingControlArn=routing_control_arn, RoutingControlState=routing_control_state) return response except Exception as error: print(error)

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