Editing or deleting a safety rule on the console - Amazon Route 53 Application Recovery Controller

Editing or deleting a safety rule on the console

The steps in this section explain how to edit or delete a safety rule on the Route 53 ARC console. You can make only limited edits to a safety rule, to change the name or update the wait period. To make more extensive changes, delete and recreate the safety rule.

To learn about using API operations with Amazon Route 53 Application Recovery Controller, see the Common API operations for Amazon Route 53 Application Recovery Controller.

To delete a safety rule

  1. Open the Route 53 ARC console at https://console.aws.amazon.com/route53recovery/home#/dashboard.

  2. Choose Routing control.

  3. On the Routing control page, choose a control panel.

  4. On the control panel details page, choose a safety rule, and then choose Delete or Edit.