What is recovery readiness in Amazon Route 53 Application Recovery Controller? - Amazon Route 53 Application Recovery Controller

What is recovery readiness in Amazon Route 53 Application Recovery Controller?

Welcome to the Recovery Readiness API Reference Guide for Amazon Route 53 Application Recovery Controller.

Recovery Readiness API actions support the readiness check feature of Route 53 ARC. This API Reference Guide provides information about the API actions that you use to model your application with Route 53 ARC. Next, you add readiness checks so that you can ensure that your application is always properly scaled and configured to handle failover traffic.

To set up recovery readiness in Route 53 ARC, you model your application with structures that enable Route 53 ARC to continually inspect your application resources and routing policies to make sure that your application's redundant failure-containment units, or replicas, are always ready for failover.

The first step is to create a recovery group that represents your application. Each recovery group includes cells for each individual failure-containment unit or replica of your application – for example, for each Regional or zonal version of the application. Then you create resource sets for each resource type and associate readiness checks with them. Finally, you associate the resources with the cells in your recovery group so that you can check the readiness status of your individual replicas.

With recovery groups and readiness checks, you can monitor the readiness status for each replica of your application—for example, in different AWS Regions—to determine how ready your application is to fail over from one replica to another. You can also monitor readiness details for resources at different levels and in different ways, such as checking the readiness of each type of resource. Or, you can view the readiness status of a resource in a specific cell (Availability Zone or Region).

By adding readiness checks, you can monitor the readiness status of your application and resources, for example, by using API calls. In addition, creating readiness checks enables Route 53 ARC to take some corrective actions for you, to help make sure that your application and resources are ready for you to quickly reroute traffic to a failover application replica, if needed. After you create resource sets and set up readiness checks, Route 53 ARC continually (once every minute) runs readiness checks on your resources. These checks inspect your resources to ensure that your provisioned capacities match, across all resource sets, and where possible, Route 53 ARC takes corrective action. For more information, see the Amazon Route 53 Application Recovery Controller Developer Guide.

After you create readiness checks, you can monitor and manage recovery readiness. You can also set up cross-account authorization in Route 53 ARC to make it easier to set up and monitor distributed resources from one AWS account.

Route 53 ARC is a global service that supports endpoints in multiple AWS Regions but you must specify the US West (Oregon) Region when you work with readiness and recovery control configuration resources, for example, to create readiness checks or routing controls.

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