PG_CANCEL_BACKEND - Amazon Redshift


Cancels a query. PG_CANCEL_BACKEND is functionally equivalent to the CANCEL command. You can cancel queries currently being run by your user. Superusers can cancel any query.


pg_cancel_backend( pid )



The process ID (PID) of the query to be canceled. You cannot cancel a query by specifying a query ID; you must specify the query's process ID. Requires an INTEGER value.

Return type


Usage notes

If queries in multiple sessions hold locks on the same table, you can use the PG_TERMINATE_BACKEND function to terminate one of the sessions, which forces any currently running transactions in the terminated session to release all locks and roll back the transaction. Query the PG__LOCKS catalog table to view currently held locks. If you cannot cancel a query because it is in transaction block (BEGIN … END), you can terminate the session in which the query is running by using the PG_TERMINATE_BACKEND function.


To cancel a currently running query, first retrieve the process ID for the query that you want to cancel. To determine the process IDs for all currently running queries, run the following command.

SELECT pid, TRIM(starttime) AS start, duration, TRIM(user_name) AS user, SUBSTRING(query,1,40) AS querytxt FROM stv_recents WHERE status = 'Running'; +-----+------------------------+----------+--------+-----------------------------+ | pid | starttime | duration | user | querytxt | +-----+------------------------+----------+--------+-----------------------------+ | 802 | 2013-10-14 09:19:03.55 | 132 | dwuser | select venuename from venue | | 834 | 2013-10-14 08:33:49.47 | 1250414 | dwuser | select * from listing; | | 964 | 2013-10-14 08:30:43.29 | 326179 | dwuser | select sellerid from sales | +-----+------------------------+----------+--------+-----------------------------+

To cancel the query with process ID 802, use the following example.