SYS_USERLOG - Amazon Redshift


Records details for the following changes to a database user:

  • Create user

  • Drop user

  • Alter user (rename)

  • Alter user (alter properties)

You can query this view to see information about serverless workgroups and provisioned clusters.

SYS_USERLOG is visible only to superusers. For more information, see Visibility of data in system tables and views.

Table columns

Column name Data type Description
user_id integer The identifier of the user who submitted the unload.
user_name character(50) Username of the user affected by the change.
original_user_name character(50) The original username in a rename action. This field is empty for all other actions.
action character(10) The action that occurred. Valid values are alter, create, drop, and rename.
has_create_db_privs integer If true (a value of 1), the user has create database permissions.
is_superuser integer If true (a value of 1), the user can update system catalogs.
has_update_catalog_privs integer If true (a value of 1), the user can update system catalogs.
password_expiration timestamp The password expiration date.
session_id integer The process ID.
transaction_id bigint The transaction ID.
record_time timestamp Time in UTC of when the query started.

Sample queries

The following example performs four user actions, then queries the SYS_USERLOG view.

CREATE USER userlog1 password 'Userlog1'; ALTER USER userlog1 createdb createuser; ALTER USER userlog1 rename to userlog2; DROP user userlog2; SELECT user_id, user_name, original_user_name, action, has_create_db_privs, is_superuser from SYS_USERLOG order by record_time desc;
user_id | user_name | original_user_name | action | has_create_db_privs | is_superuser --------+------------+--------------------+---------+---------------------+------------ 108 | userlog2 | | drop | 1 | 1 108 | userlog2 | userlog1 | rename | 1 | 1 108 | userlog1 | | alter | 1 | 1 108 | userlog1 | | create | 0 | 0 (4 rows)