Amazon Redshift
Database Developer Guide (API Version 2012-12-01)

SQL Reference Conventions

This section explains the conventions that are used to write the syntax for the SQL expressions, commands, and functions described in the SQL reference section.

Character Description
CAPS Words in capital letters are key words.
[ ] Square brackets denote optional arguments. Multiple arguments in square brackets indicate that you can choose any number of the arguments. In addition, arguments in brackets on separate lines indicate that the Amazon Redshift parser expects the arguments to be in the order that they are listed in the syntax. For an example, see SELECT.
{ } Braces indicate that you are required to choose one of the arguments inside the braces.
| Pipes indicate that you can choose between the arguments.
italics Words in italics indicate placeholders. You must insert the appropriate value in place of the word in italics.
. . . An ellipsis indicates that you can repeat the preceding element.
' Words in single quotes indicate that you must type the quotes.