Amazon Redshift
Database Developer Guide (API Version 2012-12-01)

Amazon Redshift and PostgreSQL JDBC and ODBC

Because Amazon Redshift is based on PostgreSQL, we previously recommended using JDBC4 Postgresql driver version 8.4.703 and psqlODBC version 9.x drivers; if you are currently using those drivers, we recommend moving to the new Amazon Redshift–specific drivers going forward. For more information about drivers and configuring connections, see JDBC and ODBC Drivers for Amazon Redshift in the Amazon Redshift Cluster Management Guide.

To avoid client-side out-of-memory errors when retrieving large data sets using JDBC, you can enable your client to fetch data in batches by setting the JDBC fetch size parameter. For more information, see Setting the JDBC Fetch Size Parameter.

Amazon Redshift does not recognize the JDBC maxRows parameter. Instead, specify a LIMIT clause to restrict the result set. You can also use an OFFSET clause to skip to a specific starting point in the result set.