Unsupported PostgreSQL features - Amazon Redshift

Unsupported PostgreSQL features

These PostgreSQL features are not supported in Amazon Redshift.


Do not assume that the semantics of elements that Amazon Redshift and PostgreSQL have in common are identical. Make sure to consult the Amazon Redshift Developer Guide SQL commands to understand the often subtle differences.

  • The query tool psql is unsupported. The Amazon Redshift RSQL client is supported.

  • Table partitioning (range and list partitioning)

  • Tablespaces

  • Constraints

    • Unique

    • Foreign key

    • Primary key

    • Check constraints

    • Exclusion constraints

    Unique, primary key, and foreign key constraints are permitted, but they are informational only. They are not enforced by the system, but they are used by the query planner.

  • Database roles

  • Inheritance

  • PostgreSQL system columns

    Amazon Redshift SQL does not implicitly define system columns. However, the following PostgreSQL system column names cannot be used as names of user-defined columns: oid, tableoid, xmin, cmin, xmax, cmax, and ctid. For more information, see https://www.postgresql.org/docs/8.0/static/ddl-system-columns.html.

  • Indexes

  • NULLS clause in Window functions

  • Collations

    Amazon Redshift does not support locale-specific or user-defined collation sequences. See Collation sequences.

  • Value expressions

    • Subscripted expressions

    • Array constructors

    • Row constructors

  • Triggers

  • Management of External Data (SQL/MED)

  • Table functions

  • VALUES list used as constant tables

  • Sequences

  • Full text search