Limitations for data sharing - Amazon Redshift

Limitations for data sharing

The following are limitations when working with datashares in Amazon Redshift:

  • Amazon Redshift data sharing doesn't support sharing stored procedures or Python user-defined functions. Only SQL user-defined functions are supported.

  • For cross-account data sharing, both the producer and consumer cluster must be encrypted.

  • If the producer database has specific collation, use the same collation settings for the consumer database.

  • Amazon Redshift doesn't support sharing tables with interleaved sort keys and views that refer to tables with interleaved sort keys.

  • Amazon Redshift doesn't support adding external schemas, tables, or late-binding views on external tables to datashares. These external schemas or tables can be from Amazon S3 data lakes or federated queries.

  • Amazon Redshift doesn't support nested SQL user-defined functions on producer clusters.

  • Amazon Redshift doesn't support querying shared views that depend on objects in different databases or clusters.