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AT TIME ZONE function

AT TIME ZONE specifies which time zone to use with a TIMESTAMP or TIMESTAMPTZ expression.


AT TIME ZONE 'timezone'



The time zone for the return value. The time zone can be specified as a time zone name (such as 'Africa/Kampala' or 'Singapore') or as a time zone abbreviation (such as 'UTC' or 'PDT').

To view a list of supported time zone names, run the following command.

select pg_timezone_names();

To view a list of supported time zone abbreviations, run the following command.

select pg_timezone_abbrevs();

For more information and examples, see Time zone usage notes.

Return type

TIMESTAMPTZ when used with a TIMESTAMP expression. TIMESTAMP when used with a TIMESTAMPTZ expression.


The following example converts a timestamp value without time zone and interprets it as MST time (UTC+7 in POSIX), which is then converted to PST (UTC+8 in POSIX) for display.

SELECT TIMESTAMP '2001-02-16 20:38:40' AT TIME ZONE 'MST'; timestamptz ------------------------ '2001-02-16 19:38:40-08'

The following example takes an input timestamp with a time zone value where the specified time zone is EST (UTC+5 in POSIX) and converts it to MST (UTC+7 in POSIX).

SELECT TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE '2001-02-16 20:38:40-05' AT TIME ZONE 'MST'; timestamp ------------------------ '2001-02-16 18:38:40'