BTRIM function - Amazon Redshift

BTRIM function

The BTRIM function trims a string by removing leading and trailing blanks or by removing leading and trailing characters that match an optional specified string.


BTRIM(string [, trim_chars ] )



The input VARCHAR string to be trimmed.


The VARCHAR string containing the characters to be matched.

Return type

The BTRIM function returns a VARCHAR string.


The following example trims leading and trailing blanks from the string ' abc ':

select ' abc ' as untrim, btrim(' abc ') as trim; untrim | trim ----------+------ abc | abc

The following example removes the leading and trailing 'xyz' strings from the string 'xyzaxyzbxyzcxyz'. The leading and trailing occurrences of 'xyz' are removed, but occurrences that are internal within the string are not removed.

select 'xyzaxyzbxyzcxyz' as untrim, btrim('xyzaxyzbxyzcxyz', 'xyz') as trim; untrim | trim -----------------+----------- xyzaxyzbxyzcxyz | axyzbxyzc

The following example removes the leading and trailing parts from the string 'setuphistorycassettes' that match any of the characters in the trim_chars list 'tes'. Any t, e, or s that occur before another character that is not in the trim_chars list at the beginning or ending of the input string are removed.

SELECT btrim('setuphistorycassettes', 'tes'); btrim ----------------- uphistoryca