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Database Developer Guide (API Version 2012-12-01)

Boolean Type

Use the BOOLEAN data type to store true and false values in a single-byte column. The following table describes the three possible states for a Boolean value and the literal values that result in that state. Regardless of the input string, a Boolean column stores and outputs "t" for true and "f" for false.

State Valid Literal Values Storage
True TRUE 't' 'true' 'y' 'yes' '1' 1 byte
False FALSE 'f' 'false' 'n' 'no' '0' 1 byte
Unknown NULL 1 byte


We recommend always checking Boolean values explicitly, as shown in the examples following. Implicit comparisons, such as WHERE flag or WHERE NOT flag might return unexpected results.


You could use a BOOLEAN column to store an "Active/Inactive" state for each customer in a CUSTOMER table:

create table customer( custid int, active_flag boolean default true);
insert into customer values(100, default);
select * from customer; custid | active_flag -------+-------------- 100 | t

If no default value (true or false) is specified in the CREATE TABLE statement, inserting a default value means inserting a null.

In this example, the query selects users from the USERS table who like sports but do not like theatre:

select firstname, lastname, likesports, liketheatre from users where likesports is true and liketheatre is false order by userid limit 10; firstname | lastname | likesports | liketheatre ----------+------------+------------+------------- Lars | Ratliff | t | f Mufutau | Watkins | t | f Scarlett | Mayer | t | f Shafira | Glenn | t | f Winifred | Cherry | t | f Chase | Lamb | t | f Liberty | Ellison | t | f Aladdin | Haney | t | f Tashya | Michael | t | f Lucian | Montgomery | t | f (10 rows)

This example selects users from the USERS table for whom is it unknown whether they like rock music:

select firstname, lastname, likerock from users where likerock is unknown order by userid limit 10; firstname | lastname | likerock ----------+----------+---------- Rafael | Taylor | Vladimir | Humphrey | Barry | Roy | Tamekah | Juarez | Mufutau | Watkins | Naida | Calderon | Anika | Huff | Bruce | Beck | Mallory | Farrell | Scarlett | Mayer | (10 rows)

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