CURRENT_DATE function - Amazon Redshift


CURRENT_DATE returns a date in the current session time zone (UTC by default) in the default format: YYYY-MM-DD.


CURRENT_DATE returns the start date for the current transaction, not for the start of the current statement. Consider the scenario where you start a transaction containing multiple statements on 10/01/08 23:59, and the statement containing CURRENT_DATE runs at 10/02/08 00:00. CURRENT_DATE returns 10/01/08, not 10/02/08.



Return type



The following example returns the current date (in the AWS Region where the function runs).

select current_date; date ------------ 2008-10-01

The following example creates a table, inserts a row where the default of column todays_date is CURRENT_DATE, and then selects all the rows in the table.

CREATE TABLE insert_dates( label varchar(128) NOT NULL, todays_date DATE DEFAULT CURRENT_DATE); INSERT INTO insert_dates(label) VALUES('Date row inserted'); SELECT * FROM insert_dates; label | todays_date ------------------+------------- Date row inserted | 2023-05-10