Amazon Redshift
Database Developer Guide (API Version 2012-12-01)

EXP Function

The EXP function returns the exponential value in scientific notation for a numeric expression.


EXP (expression)



The expression must be an INTEGER, DECIMAL, or DOUBLE PRECISION data type.

Return Type

EXP returns a DOUBLE PRECISION number.


Use the EXP function to forecast ticket sales based on a continuous growth pattern. In this example, the subquery returns the number of tickets sold in 2008. That result is multiplied by the result of the EXP function, which specifies a continuous growth rate of 7% over 10 years.

select (select sum(qtysold) from sales, date where sales.dateid=date.dateid and year=2008) * exp((7::float/100)*10) qty2010; qty2010 ------------------ 695447.483772222 (1 row)