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NEXT_DAY function

NEXT_DAY returns the date of the first instance of the specified day that is later than the given date.

If the day value is the same day of the week as given_date, the next occurrence of that day is returned.


NEXT_DAY ( { date | timestamp }, day )


date | timestamp

A date or timestamp column or an expression that implicitly converts to a date or timestamp.


A string containing the name of any day. Capitalization does not matter.

Valid values are as follows.

Day Values
Sunday Su, Sun, Sunday
Monday M, Mo, Mon, Monday
Tuesday Tu, Tue, Tues, Tuesday
Wednesday W, We, Wed, Wednesday
Thursday Th, Thu, Thurs, Thursday
Friday F, Fr, Fri, Friday
Saturday Sa, Sat, Saturday

Return type



The following example returns the date of the first Tuesday after 8/20/2014.

select next_day('2014-08-20','Tuesday'); next_day ----------- 2014-08-26

The following example gets target marketing dates for the third quarter.

select username, (firstname ||' '|| lastname) as name, eventname, caldate, next_day (caldate, 'Monday') as marketing_target from sales, date, users, event where sales.buyerid = users.userid and sales.eventid = event.eventid and event.dateid = date.dateid and date.qtr = 3 order by marketing_target, eventname, name; username | name | eventname | caldate | marketing_target ----------+-------------------+--------------------+---------------+------------------ MBO26QSG Callum Atkinson .38 Special 2008-07-06 2008-07-07 WCR50YIU Erasmus Alvarez A Doll's House 2008-07-03 2008-07-07 CKT70OIE Hadassah Adkins Ana Gabriel 2008-07-06 2008-07-07 VVG07OUO Nathan Abbott Armando Manzanero 2008-07-04 2008-07-07 GEW77SII Scarlet Avila August: Osage County 2008-07-06 2008-07-07 ECR71CVS Caryn Adkins Ben Folds 2008-07-03 2008-07-07 KUW82CYU Kaden Aguilar Bette Midler 2008-07-01 2008-07-07 WZE78DJZ Kay Avila Bette Midler 2008-07-01 2008-07-07 HXY04NVE Dante Austin Britney Spears 2008-07-02 2008-07-07 URY81YWF Wilma Anthony Britney Spears 2008-07-02 2008-07-07