PG_PROC_INFO - Amazon Redshift


PG_PROC_INFO is an Amazon Redshift system view built on the PostgreSQL catalog table PG_PROC and the internal catalog table PG_PROC_EXTENDED. PG_PROC_INFO includes details about stored procedures and functions, including information related to output arguments, if any.

Table columns

PG_PROC_INFO shows the following columns in addition to the columns in PG_PROC. The oid column in PG_PROC is called prooid in the PG_PROC_INFO table.

Column name Data type Description
prooid oid The object ID of the function or stored procedure.
prokind "char" A value that indicates the type of functions or stored procedures. This value is 'f' for regular functions, 'p' for stored procedures, and 'a' for aggregate functions.
proargmodes "char"[ ] An array with the modes of the procedure arguments, encoded as 'i' for IN arguments, 'o' for OUT arguments, and 'b' for INOUT arguments. If all the arguments are IN arguments, this field is NULL. Subscripts correspond to positions in the proallargtypes array.
proallargtypes oid[ ] An array with the data types of the procedure arguments. This array includes all types of arguments (including OUT and INOUT arguments). However, if all the arguments are IN arguments, this field is NULL. Subscripting is one-based. In contrast, proargtypes is subscripted from zero.

The field proargnames in PG_PROC_INFO contains the names of all types of arguments (including OUT and INOUT), if any.