RESET - Amazon Redshift


Restores the value of a configuration parameter to its default value.

You can reset either a single specified parameter or all parameters at once. To set a parameter to a specific value, use the SET command. To display the current value of a parameter, use the SHOW command.


RESET { parameter_name | ALL }

The following statement sets the value of a session context variable to NULL.

RESET { variable_name | ALL }



Name of the parameter to reset. See Modifying the server configuration for more documentation about parameters.


Resets all runtime parameters, including all the session context variables.


The name of the variable to reset. If the value to RESET is a session context variable, Amazon Redshift sets it to NULL.


The following example resets the query_group parameter to its default value:

reset query_group;

The following example resets all runtime parameters to their default values.

reset all;

The following example resets the context variable.

RESET app_context.user_id;