Amazon Redshift
Database Developer Guide (API Version 2012-12-01)

REVERSE Function

The REVERSE function operates on a string and returns the characters in reverse order. For example, reverse('abcde') returns edcba. This function works on numeric and date data types as well as character data types; however, in most cases it has practical value for character strings.


REVERSE ( expression )



An expression with a character, date, time stamp, or numeric data type that represents the target of the character reversal. All expressions are implicitly converted to variable-length character strings. Trailing blanks in fixed-width character strings are ignored.

Return Type



Select five distinct city names and their corresponding reversed names from the USERS table:

select distinct city as cityname, reverse(cityname) from users order by city limit 5; cityname | reverse ---------+---------- Aberdeen | needrebA Abilene | enelibA Ada | adA Agat | tagA Agawam | mawagA (5 rows)

Select five sales IDs and their corresponding reversed IDs cast as character strings:

select salesid, reverse(salesid)::varchar from sales order by salesid desc limit 5; salesid | reverse --------+--------- 172456 | 654271 172455 | 554271 172454 | 454271 172453 | 354271 172452 | 254271 (5 rows)