Amazon Redshift
Database Developer Guide (API Version 2012-12-01)


Records transfer time and other performance metrics.

Use the STL_S3CLIENT table to find the time spent transferring data from Amazon S3 as part of a COPY command.

This table is visible to all users. Superusers can see all rows; regular users can see only their own data. For more information, see Visibility of Data in System Tables and Views.

Table Columns

Column Name Data Type Description
userid integer ID of the user who generated the entry.
query integer Query ID. The query column can be used to join other system tables and views.
slice integer Number that identifies the slice where the query was running.
recordtime timestamp Time the record is logged.
pid integer Process ID. All of the queries in a session are run in the same process, so this value remains constant if you run a series of queries in the same session.
http_method character(64) HTTP method name corresponding to the Amazon S3 request.
bucket character(64) S3 bucket name.
key character(256) Key corresponding to the Amazon S3 object.
transfer_size bigint Number of bytes transferred.
data_size bigint Number of bytes of data. This value is the same as transfer_size for uncompressed data. If compression was used, this is the size of the uncompressed data.
start_time bigint Time when the transfer began (in microseconds).
end_time bigint Time when the transfer ended (in microseconds).
transfer_time bigint Time taken by the transfer (in microseconds).
compression_time bigint Portion of the transfer time that was spent uncompressing data (in microseconds).
connect_time bigint Time from the start until the connect to the remote server was completed (in microseconds).
app_connect_time bigint Time from the start until the SSL connect/handshake with the remote host was completed (in microseconds).
retries bigint Number of times the transfer was retried.
request_id char(32) Request ID from Amazon S3 HTTP response header
extended_request_id char(128) Extended request ID from Amazon S3 HTTP header response (x-amz-id-2).
ip_address char(64) IP address of the server (ip V4 or V6).

Sample Query

The following query returns the time taken to load files using a COPY command.

select slice, key, transfer_time from stl_s3client where query = pg_last_copy_id();


slice | key | transfer_time ------+-----------------------------+--------------- 0 | listing10M0003_part_00 | 16626716 1 | listing10M0001_part_00 | 12894494 2 | listing10M0002_part_00 | 14320978 3 | listing10M0000_part_00 | 11293439 3371 | prefix=listing10M;marker= | 99395

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