You can query the system view SVL_SPATIAL_SIMPLIFY to get information about simplified spatial geometry objects using the COPY command. When you use COPY on a shapefile, you can specify SIMPLIFY tolerance, SIMPLIFY AUTO, and SIMPLIFY AUTO max_tolerance ingestion options. The result of the simplification is summarized in SVL_SPATIAL_SIMPLIFY system view.

When SIMPLIFY AUTO max_tolerance is set, this view contains a row for each geometry that exceeded the maximum size. When SIMPLIFY tolerance is set, then one row for the entire COPY operation is stored. This row references the COPY query ID and the specified simplification tolerance.

SVL_SPATIAL_SIMPLIFY is visible to all users. Superusers can see all rows; regular users can see only their own data. For more information, see Visibility of data in system tables and views.

Some or all of the data in this table can also be found in the SYS monitoring view SYS_SPATIAL_SIMPLIFY. The data in the SYS monitoring view is formatted to be easier to use and understand. We recommend that you use the SYS monitoring view for your queries.

Table columns

Column name Data type Description
query integer The ID of the query (COPY command) that generated this row.
line_number integer When COPY SIMPLIFY AUTO option is specified, this value is the record number of the simplified record in the shapefile.
maximum_tolerance double The distance tolerance value specified in the COPY command. This is either the maximum tolerance value using the SIMPLIFY AUTO option, or the fixed tolerance value using the SIMPLIFY option.
initial_size integer The size in bytes of the GEOMETRY data value before simplification.
simplified char(1) When the COPY SIMPLIFY AUTO option is specified, t if the geometry was successfully simplified, or f otherwise. The geometry might not be simplified successfully if after the simplification with the given maximum tolerance its size is still larger than the maximum geometry size.
final_size integer When the COPY SIMPLIFY AUTO option is specified, this is the size in bytes of the geometry after simplification.
final_tolerance double

Sample query

The following query returns the list of records that COPY simplified.

SELECT * FROM svl_spatial_simplify WHERE query = pg_last_copy_id(); query | line_number | maximum_tolerance | initial_size | simplified | final_size | final_tolerance -------+-------------+-------------------+--------------+------------+------------+---------------------- 20 | 1184704 | -1 | 1513736 | t | 1008808 | 1.276386653895e-05 20 | 1664115 | -1 | 1233456 | t | 1023584 | 6.11707814796635e-06