SVV_COLUMNS - Amazon Redshift


Use SVV_COLUMNS to view catalog information about the columns of local and external tables and views, including late-binding views.

SVV_COLUMNS is visible to all users. Superusers can see all rows; regular users can see only their own data. For more information, see Visibility of data in system tables and views.

The SVV_COLUMNS view joins table metadata from the System catalog tables (tables with a PG prefix) and the SVV_EXTERNAL_COLUMNS system view. The system catalog tables describe Amazon Redshift database tables. SVV_EXTERNAL_COLUMNS describes external tables that are used with Amazon Redshift Spectrum.

All users can see all rows from the system catalog tables. Regular users can see column definitions from the SVV_EXTERNAL_COLUMNS view only for external tables to which they have been granted access. Although regular users can see table metadata in the system catalog tables, they can only select data from user-defined tables if they own the table or have been granted access.

Table columns

Column name Data type Description
table_catalog text The name of the catalog where the table is.
table_schema text The schema name for the table.
table_name text The name of the table.
column_name text The name of the column.
ordinal_position int The position of the column in the table.
column_default text The default value of the column.
is_nullable text A value that indicates whether the column is nullable.
data_type text The data type of the column.
character_maximum_length int The maximum number of characters in the column.
numeric_precision int The numeric precision. If the data_type column is numeric, this column returns the number of significant digits in the entire value.
numeric_precision_radix int The numeric precision radix. If the data_type column is numeric, this column returns the base of the columns numeric_precision and numeric_scale.
numeric_scale int The numeric scale. If the data_type column is numeric, this column returns the number of significant digits in the decimal value.
datetime_precision int The datetime precision.
interval_type text The interval type.
interval_precision text The interval precision.
character_set_catalog text The character set catalog.
character_set_schema text The character set schema.
character_set_name text The character set name.
collation_catalog text The collation catalog.
collation_schema text The collation schema.
collation_name text The collation name.
domain_name text The domain name.
remarks text Remarks.