Use SVV_DATASHARE_OBJECTS to view a list of objects in all datashares created on the cluster or shared with the cluster.

SVV_DATASHARE_OBJECTS is visible to all users. Superusers can see all rows; regular users can see only their own data. For more information, see Visibility of data in system tables and views.

For information about viewing a list of datashares, see SVV_DATASHARES.

Table columns

Column name Data type Description
share_type varchar(8) The type of the specified datashare. Possible values are OUTBOUND and INBOUND.
share_name varchar(128) The name of the datashare.
object_type varchar(64) The type of a specified object. Possible values are schemas, tables, views, late binding views, materialized views, and functions.
object_name varchar(512) The name of the object. The object name extends to include the schema name, such as schema1.t1.
producer_account varchar(16) The ID for the datashare producer account.
producer_namespace varchar(64) The unique cluster identifier for the datashare producer cluster.
include_new boolean The property that specifies whether to add any future tables, views, or SQL user-defined functions (UDFs) created in the specified schema to the datashare. This parameter is only relevant for OUTBOUND datashares and only for schema types in the datashare.

Sample query

The following examples return the output for SVV_DATASHARE_OBJECTS.

SELECT share_type, btrim(share_name)::varchar(16) AS share_name, object_type, object_name FROM svv_datashare_objects WHERE share_name LIKE 'tickit_datashare%' AND object_name LIKE '%tickit%' ORDER BY object_name LIMIT 5; share_type | share_name | object_type | object_name ------------+--------------------+-------------+--------------------------------- OUTBOUND | tickit_datashare | table | public.tickit_category_redshift OUTBOUND | tickit_datashare | table | public.tickit_date_redshift OUTBOUND | tickit_datashare | table | public.tickit_event_redshift OUTBOUND | tickit_datashare | table | public.tickit_listing_redshift OUTBOUND | tickit_datashare | table | public.tickit_sales_redshift
SELECT * FROM SVV_DATASHARE_OBJECTS WHERE share_name like 'sales%'; share_type | share_name | object_type | object_name | producer_account | producer_namespace | include_new -----------+------------+-------------+--------------+------------------+--------------------------------------+------------- OUTBOUND | salesshare | schema | public | 123456789012 | 13b8833d-17c6-4f16-8fe4-1a018f5ed00d | t OUTBOUND | salesshare | table | public.sales | 123456789012 | 13b8833d-17c6-4f16-8fe4-1a018f5ed00d |