The SVV_IDENTITY_PROVIDERS view returns the name and additional properties for identity providers. For more information about how to create an identity provider, see CREATE IDENTITY PROVIDER.

SVV_IDENTITY_PROVIDERS is visible only to superusers. For more information, see Visibility of data in system tables and views.

Table columns

Column name Data type Description
uid integer The unique ID of the registered identity provider.
name text The identity provider name.
type text The identity provider type.
instanceid text The unique differentiator between instances of the same type.
namespc text The namespace prefix of the identity provider.
params text The JSON object with parameters for the identity provider.
enabled bool Indicates if the identity provider is enabled.

Sample queries

Run a query like the following, after creating identity providers, to view their properties.

SELECT name, type, instanceid, namespc, params, enabled FROM svv_identity_providers ORDER BY 1;

The sample output includes param descriptions.

name | type | instanceid | namespc | params | enabled ------------------+-------+--------------------------------------+---------+-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+--------- rs5517_azure_idp | azure | e40d4bb2-7670-44ae-bfb8-5db013221d73 | abc | {"issuer":"", "client_id":"871c010f-5e61-4fb1-83ac-98610a7e9110", "client_secret":, "audience":["", ""]} | t (1 row)