Use SVV_REDSHIFT_FUNCTIONS to view a list of all functions that a user has access to. This set of functions includes the functions on the cluster and the functions from datashares provided by remote clusters.

Table columns

Column name Data type Description
database_name varchar(128) The name of the database where the cluster that has these functions exists.
schema_name varchar(128) The name of the schema that specifies a given function.
function_name varchar(128) The name of a specified function.
function_type varchar(128) The type of function. Possible values are regular functions, aggregate functions, and stored procedures.
argument_type varchar(512) A string that represents the type of a function's input argument.
result_type varchar(128) The data type of a function's return value.

Sample query

The following example returns the output of SVV_REDSHIFT_FUNCTIONS.

SELECT * FROM svv_redshift_functions WHERE database_name = 'tickit_db' AND SCHEMA_NAME = 'public' ORDER BY function_name LIMIT 5; database_name | schema_name | function_name | function_type | argument_type | result_type --------------+-------------+-----------------------+------------------+------------------+------------- tickit_db | public | shared_function | REGULAR FUNCTION | integer, integer | integer