SVV_ROLES - Amazon Redshift


Use SVV_ROLES to view a list of roles that a user has access to.

SVV_ROLES is visible to all users. Superusers can see all rows. Regular users who have the ACCESS SYSTEM TABLE permission can see all rows. Regular users can only see identities to which they have access or for which they are the identities owner.

Table columns

Column name Data type Description
role_id integer The role ID.
role_name text The name of the role.
role_owner text The name of the role owner.
external_id text The unique identifier of the role in the third-party identity provider.

Sample query

The following example returns the output of SVV_ROLES.

SELECT role_name,role_owner FROM svv_roles WHERE role_name IN ('role1', 'role2'); role_name | role_owner -----------+------------ role1 | superuser role2 | superuser