Use the SYS_DATASHARE_CROSS_REGION_USAGE view to get a summary of cross-Region data transferred usage caused by cross-Region datasharing query. SYS_DATASHARE_CROSS_REGION_USAGE aggregates details at the segment level.

SYS_DATASHARE_CROSS_REGION_USAGE is visible only to superusers. For more information, see Visibility of data in system tables and views.

Table columns

Column name Data type Description
query_id integer The ID of the query. Use this value to join other system tables and views.
child_query_sequence integer The sequence of the rewritten user query, starting with 1.
segment_id bigint The number of the segment. A query consists of multiple segments, and each segment consists of one or more steps.
start_time time The time in UTC that the data transfer began.
end_time time The time in UTC that the data transfer ended.
transferred_data bigint The number of bytes of data transferred from a producer Region to a consumer Region.
source_region char(25) The producer Region that the query transferred data from.

Sample queries

The following example shows a SYS_DATASHARE_CROSS_REGION_USAGE view.

SELECT query, segment, transferred_data, source_region from sys_datashare_cross_region_usage where query = pg_last_query_id() order by query,segment; query | segment | transferred_data | source_region --------+---------+------------------+--------------- 200048 | 2 | 4194304 | us-west-1 200048 | 2 | 4194304 | us-east-2