Amazon Redshift
Database Developer Guide (API Version 2012-12-01)

Verifying That the Correct Files Are Present in Your Bucket

After you upload your files to your Amazon S3 bucket, we recommend listing the contents of the bucket to verify that all of the correct files are present and that no unwanted files are present. For example, if the bucket mybucket holds a file named venue.txt.back, that file will be loaded, perhaps unintentionally, by the following command:

copy venue from 's3://mybucket/venue' … ;

If you want to control specifically which files are loaded, you can use a manifest file to explicitly list the data files. For more information about using a manifest file, see the copy_from_s3_manifest_file option for the COPY command and Example: COPY from Amazon S3 using a manifest in the COPY examples.

For more information about listing the contents of the bucket, see Listing Object Keys in the Amazon S3 Developer Guide.