Querying data on remote data sources - Amazon Redshift

Querying data on remote data sources

You can join data from an Amazon RDS database, an Amazon Aurora database, or Amazon S3 with data in your Amazon Redshift database using a federated query. You can use Amazon Redshift to query operational data directly (without moving it), apply transformations, and insert data into your Redshift tables. Some of the computation for federated queries is distributed to the remote data sources.

To run federated queries, Amazon Redshift first makes a connection to the remote data source. Amazon Redshift then retrieves metadata about the tables in the remote data source, issues queries, and then retrieves the result rows. Amazon Redshift then distributes the result rows to Amazon Redshift compute nodes for further processing.

For information about setting up your environment for federated queries, see one of the following topics in the Amazon Redshift Database Developer Guide: