Step 5: Try example queries using the query editor - Amazon Redshift

Step 5: Try example queries using the query editor

To set up and use the Amazon Redshift query editor v2 to query a database, see Working with query editor v2 in the Amazon Redshift Management Guide.

Now, try some example queries, as shown following. For more information on working with the SELECT command, see SELECT in the Amazon Redshift Database Developer Guide.

-- Get definition for the sales table. SELECT * FROM pg_table_def WHERE tablename = 'sales';
-- Find total sales on a given calendar date. SELECT sum(qtysold) FROM sales, date WHERE sales.dateid = date.dateid AND caldate = '2008-01-05';
-- Find top 10 buyers by quantity. SELECT firstname, lastname, total_quantity FROM (SELECT buyerid, sum(qtysold) total_quantity FROM sales GROUP BY buyerid ORDER BY total_quantity desc limit 10) Q, users WHERE Q.buyerid = userid ORDER BY Q.total_quantity desc;
-- Find events in the 99.9 percentile in terms of all time gross sales. SELECT eventname, total_price FROM (SELECT eventid, total_price, ntile(1000) over(order by total_price desc) as percentile FROM (SELECT eventid, sum(pricepaid) total_price FROM sales GROUP BY eventid)) Q, event E WHERE Q.eventid = E.eventid AND percentile = 1 ORDER BY total_price desc;