Using a sample dataset - Amazon Redshift

Using a sample dataset

In this tutorial, you walk through the process to create an Amazon Redshift cluster by using a sample dataset. Amazon Redshift automatically loads the sample dataset when you are creating a new cluster. You can immediately query the data after the cluster is created.

Before you begin setting up an Amazon Redshift cluster, make sure that you complete the Sign up for AWS and Determine firewall rules.

In this tutorial, you perform the steps shown following:

            The steps in this tutorial, outlined following

The sample cluster that you create runs in a live environment. The on-demand rate is $0.25 per hour for using the sample cluster that is designed in this tutorial until you delete it. For more pricing information, see Amazon Redshift pricing. If you have questions or get stuck, you can contact the Amazon Redshift team by posting on our Discussion forum.

This tutorial isn't meant for production environments and doesn't discuss options in depth. After you complete the steps in this tutorial, you can use Additional resources to find more in-depth information. This information can help you plan, deploy, and maintain your clusters, and work with the data in your data warehouse.