Getting the ODBC URL - Amazon Redshift

Getting the ODBC URL

Amazon Redshift displays the ODBC URL for your cluster in the Amazon Redshift console. This URL contains the information required to set up the connection between your client computer and the database.

An ODBC URL has the following format:

Driver={driver}; Server=endpoint_host; Database=database_name; UID=user_name; PWD=password; Port=port_number

The preceding format's fields have the following values:

ODBC URL field values
Field Value
Driver The name of the 64-bit ODBC driver to use: Amazon Redshift ODBC Driver (x64)
Server The endpoint host of the Amazon Redshift cluster.
Database The database that you created for your cluster.
UID The user name of a database user account that has permission to connect to the database. Although this value is a database-level permission and not a cluster-level permission, you can use the Redshift admin user account that you set up when you launched the cluster.
PWD The password for the database user account to connect to the database.
Port The port number that you specified when you launched the cluster. If you have a firewall, ensure that this port is open for you to use.

The following is an example ODBC URL:

Driver={Amazon Redshift ODBC Driver (x64)};; Database=dev; UID=adminuser; PWD=insert_your_admin_user_password_here; Port=5439

For information on where to find the ODBC URL, see Finding your cluster connection string.