Amazon Redshift
Cluster Management Guide (API Version 2012-12-01)

Viewing Query Details

You can view details for a particular query by clicking an individual query in the table on the Queries page to open the Query ID view. The following list describes the information available for individual queries:

  • Query Properties. Displays a summary of information about the query such as the query ID, the database user who ran the query, and the duration.

  • Details. Displays the status of the query.

  • SQL. Displays the query text in a friendly, human-readable format.

  • Query Execution Details. Displays information about how the query was processed. This section includes both planned and actual execution data for the query. For information on using the Query Execution Details section, see Analyzing Query Execution.

  • Cluster Performance During Query Execution. Displays performance metrics from Amazon CloudWatch. For information on using the Cluster Performance During Query Execution section, see Viewing Cluster Performance During Query Execution.

The Query view looks similar to the following when you open it.