Creating a preview workgroup - Amazon Redshift

Creating a preview workgroup

To test new Amazon Redshift Serverless features, create an Amazon Redshift Serverless workgroup in Preview. You can't use those features in production or move your Preview workgroup to a production workgroup. For preview terms and conditions, see Beta and Previews in AWS Service Terms.

The following features are currently available in preview workgroups:

To create a workgroup in Preview
  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the Amazon Redshift console at

  2. On the navigation menu, choose Serverless dashboard, and choose Workgroup configuration. The workgroups for your account in the current AWS Region are listed. A subset of properties of each workgroup is displayed in columns in the list.

  3. A banner on the Workgroup configuration page introduces preview workgroups. Choose the button Create preview workgroup to open the create workgroup page.

  4. Enter properties for your workgroup. We recommend entering a name for the workgroup that indicates that it is in preview. Choose options for your workgroup, including options labeled as -preview, for the features you want to test. Continue through the pages to enter options for your workgroup and namespace. For general information about creating workgroups, see Creating a workgroup with a namespace.

  5. Choose Create to create a workgroup in preview.

  6. When your preview workgroup is available, use your SQL client to load and query data.

For information about preview in provisioned clusters, see Creating a preview cluster.