ProtectiveEquipmentSummarizationAttributes - Amazon Rekognition


Specifies summary attributes to return from a call to DetectProtectiveEquipment. You can specify which types of PPE to summarize. You can also specify a minimum confidence value for detections. Summary information is returned in the Summary (ProtectiveEquipmentSummary) field of the response from DetectProtectiveEquipment. The summary includes which persons in an image were detected wearing the requested types of person protective equipment (PPE), which persons were detected as not wearing PPE, and the persons in which a determination could not be made. For more information, see ProtectiveEquipmentSummary.



The minimum confidence level for which you want summary information. The confidence level applies to person detection, body part detection, equipment detection, and body part coverage. Amazon Rekognition doesn't return summary information with a confidence than this specified value. There isn't a default value.

Specify a MinConfidence value that is between 50-100% as DetectProtectiveEquipment returns predictions only where the detection confidence is between 50% - 100%. If you specify a value that is less than 50%, the results are the same specifying a value of 50%.

Type: Float

Valid Range: Minimum value of 0. Maximum value of 100.

Required: Yes


An array of personal protective equipment types for which you want summary information. If a person is detected wearing a required requipment type, the person's ID is added to the PersonsWithRequiredEquipment array field returned in ProtectiveEquipmentSummary by DetectProtectiveEquipment.

Type: Array of strings


Required: Yes

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