Amazon Rekognition
Developer Guide

Exercise 4: See Aggregated Metrics (Console)

The Amazon Rekognition metrics pane shows activity graphs for an aggregate of individual Rekognition metrics over a specified period of time. For example, the SuccessfulRequestCount aggregated metric shows the total number of successful requests to all Rekognition API operations over the last seven days.

The following table lists the graphs displayed in the Rekognition metrics pane and the corresponding Rekognition metric. For more information, see CloudWatch Metrics for Rekognition.

Graph Aggregated Metric

Successful calls


Client errors


Server errors




Detected labels


Detected faces


Each graph shows aggregated metric data collected over a specified period of time. A total count of aggregated metric data for the time period is also displayed. To see metrics for individual API calls, choose the link beneath each graph.

To allow users access to the Rekognition metrics pane, ensure that the user has appropriate CloudWatch and Rekognition permissions. For example, a user with AmazonRekognitionReadOnlyAccess and CloudWatchReadOnlyAccess managed policy permissions can see the metrics pane. If a user does not have the required permissions, when the user opens the metrics pane, no graphs appear. For more information, see Authentication and Access Control for Amazon Rekognition.

For more information about monitoring Rekognition with CloudWatch see Monitoring.

To see aggregated metrics (console)

  1. Open the Amazon Rekognition console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Metrics.

  3. In the dropdown, select the period of time you want metrics for.

  4. To update the graphs, choose the Refresh button.

  5. To see detailed CloudWatch metrics for a specific aggregated metric, choose See details on CloudWatch beneath the metric graph.