Amazon Rekognition
Developer Guide

Limits in Amazon Rekognition

The following is a list of limits in Amazon Rekognition:

  • Maximum image size stored as an Amazon S3 object is limited to 15 MB.

  • The minimum pixel resolution for height and width is 80 pixels

  • To be detected, a face must be no smaller that 40x40 pixels in an image with 1920X1080 pixels. Images with dimensions higher than 1920X1080 pixels will need a larger minimum face size proportionally.

  • Maximum images size as raw bytes passed in as parameter to an API is 5 MB.

  • Amazon Rekognition supports the PNG and JPEG image formats. That is, the images you provide as input to various API operations, such as DetectLabels and IndexFaces must be in one of the supported formats.

  • Maximum number of faces you can store in a single face collection is 20 million.

  • The maximum matching faces the search API returns is 4096.

  • Rekognition Video can analyze stored videos up to 8GB in size.

  • A Kinesis Video input stream can be associated with at most 1 Rekognition Video stream processor.

  • A Kinesis Data output stream can be associated with at most 1 Rekognition Video stream processor.

  • The Kinesis Video input stream and Kinesis Data output stream associated with a Rekognition Video stream processor cannot be shared by multiple processors.

  • For a given AWS account, the maximum number of Rekognition Video stream processors that can simultaneously exist in a single region is 10. An AWS account can have more than 10 simultaneously existing stream processors by using multiple regions.