Amazon Rekognition
Developer Guide

Managing Collections

This section covers creating and managing collections. A collection is a container for persisting faces detected by the IndexFaces operation.

The face collection is the primary Amazon Rekognition resource, each face collection you create has a unique Amazon Resource Name (ARN). You create each face collection in a specific AWS Region in your account.

Amazon Rekognition provides the following operations for you to manage collections:

  • CreateCollection

    Amazon Rekognition creates the collection and returns the Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the newly created collection. An example response is shown following:

    { "CollectionArn": "aws:rekognition:us-east-1:acct-id:collection/examplecollection", "StatusCode": 200 }
  • ListCollections

    Amazon Rekognition returns a list of collections. The following is an example response:

    { "CollectionIds": [ "examplecollection1", "examplecollection2", "examplecollection3" ] }
  • DeleteCollection

    Amazon Rekognition deletes the specified collection.

For information about storing faces in a collection, see Storing Faces in a Face Collection. For information about searching faces, see Searching for Faces with Rekognition Image Collection and Searching for Faces with Rekognition Video.