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Reference: Kinesis Face Recognition Record

Amazon Rekognition Video can recognize faces in a streaming video. For each analyzed frame, Amazon Rekognition Video outputs a JSON frame record to a Kinesis data stream. Amazon Rekognition Video doesn't analyze every frame that's passed to it through the Kinesis video stream.

The JSON frame record contains information about the input and output stream, the status of the stream processor, and information about faces that are recognized in the analyzed frame. This section contains reference information for the JSON frame record.

The following is the JSON syntax for a Kinesis data stream record. For more information, see Working with Streaming Videos.

{ "InputInformation": { "KinesisVideo": { "StreamArn": "string", "FragmentNumber": "string", "ProducerTimestamp": number, "ServerTimestamp": number, "FrameOffsetInSeconds": number } }, "StreamProcessorInformation": { "Status": "RUNNING" }, "FaceSearchResponse": [ { "DetectedFace": { "BoundingBox": { "Width": number, "Top": number, "Height": number, "Left": number }, "Confidence": 23, "Landmarks": [ { "Type": "string", "X": number, "Y": number } ], "Pose": { "Pitch": number, "Roll": number, "Yaw": number }, "Quality": { "Brightness": number, "Sharpness": number } }, "MatchedFaces": [ { "Similarity": number, "Face": { "BoundingBox": { "Width": number, "Top": number, "Height": number, "Left": number }, "Confidence": number, "ExternalImageId": "string", "FaceId": "string", "ImageId": "string" } } ] } ] }

JSON Record

The JSON record includes information about a frame that's processed by Amazon Rekognition Video. The record includes information about the streaming video, the status for the analyzed frame, and information about faces that are recognized in the frame.


Information about the Kinesis video stream that's used to stream video into Amazon Rekognition Video.

Type: InputInformation object


Information about the Amazon Rekognition Video stream processor. This includes status information for the current status of the stream processor.

Type: StreamProcessorInformation object


Information about the faces detected in a streaming video frame and the matching faces found in the input collection.

Type: FaceSearchResponse object array

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