Add an application to AWS Resilience Hub - AWS Resilience Hub

Add an application to AWS Resilience Hub

AWS Resilience Hub offers resiliency assessment and validation that integrates into your software development lifecycle. Resilience Hub helps you proactively prepare and protect your AWS applications from disruptions by:

  • Uncovering resiliency weaknesses.

  • Confirming that your recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO) can be met.

  • Resolving issues before they are released into production.

This section guides you through adding an application. You gather resources from an existing application, AWS CloudFormation stacks, resource groups, or AppRegistry and create an appropriate resiliency policy. After describing an application, you can publish it in Resilience Hub, and generate an assessment report on the resiliency of your application. You can then use recommendations from the assessment to improve resiliency. You can run another assessment, compare results, and then iterate until you achieve your goals for RTO and RPO.

Get started by adding an application

Get started with AWS Resilience Hub by describing the details of your existing AWS application and running a report to assess resiliency.


For more information about cost and billing associated with AWS Resilience Hub, see AWS Resilience Hub pricing.

To get started

  • On the AWS Resilience Hub home page under Get started, choose Add application.


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