Managing Resource Explorer views to provide access to search - AWS Resource Explorer

Managing Resource Explorer views to provide access to search

Views are the key to searching for your resources. Every AWS Resource Explorer search operation must use a view.

Views are the method the administrator can use to control access to the information about resources in your AWS account.

A view can be accessed by only principals (IAM roles or users) that have permission to use that view. To search successfully with Resource Explorer, a principal must have Allow access to both the resource-explorer-2:GetView and resource-explorer-2:Search operations on the view's ARN.

Views contain built-in filters that the administrator can use to limit results to only items of interest. For example, you can create a view that includes only resources related to a certain project. Users who don't need to see information about other projects can use this view to see only those resources of interest.

A view is a Regional resource. The view is created and stored in a specific AWS Region and returns in its results only information from the index in that Region. To include results from across all Regions in the account, the view must reside in the Region that contains the aggregator index. That Region contains a replica of the indexes from all other Regions in the account.

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